This game follows the basic rules of dodgeball: players try to hit other players on the opposing team with their own balls while avoiding being hit themselves. We added obstacles on the playground to hide and hit the opponent by bouncing the ball against the walls. Each player has a limited amount of energy which decreases each time he gets hit. Medikits are available around the playground.

The core of the game was developed using the C4 game engine. Controllers, cameras and other dynamic elements of the game were implemented in C++. We used nVidia PhysX for the physic simulation of the ball and the barrels. The opponents' behavior was developed using the library OpenSteer, which allowed us to create pretty challenging adversaries (despite their pretty poor model design due to our tight schedule). They are able to follow the rules of the game, coordinate group actions, avoid balls and obstacles, hide when defenseless, pick up balls without getting in danger, shoot at the player using path prediction.

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