I developed this project with another student for the Virtual Reality course at the Compiègne Institute of Technology (France). Our goal was to implement an immersive multi-player table football game in 3D.

The artworks were designed with 3D Studio Max, the core of the game and the physics were implemented using the Virtools development platform. We decided to support stereoscopic rendering in our pipeline and output the result using 2 projectors for stereoscopic vision.

We worked on several tangible interfaces in order to interact with the game environment to strengthen the feel of immersion. Our lab was equipped with a "Flock of birds" manufactured by the company Ascension, a magnetic 3D motion tracking system which uses wired sensors to capture position and orientation.

We designed and created hand-made game controllers to attach the sensors and support the tracking without interfering with the magnetic field.

The first version (right image) were designed to be as close as possible to real table football handles. The sensors were located on white polystyrene discs with larger radius to keep them far enough from the metal parts of the handles to avoid magnetic interference, and to facilitate the motion capture data refinement (e.g. interpolation for low-frequency data transmission, magnetic noise filtering...).

The second set of handles we created was actually much more fun to play with (bottom-left image). Unlike the first handles, the lack of haptic feedback was not much of a problem due to the fact that handles were not constrained to any physical support. The handle rotations were inherently restricted to the user's wrist rotation range.