Wormy Live Wallpaper

I created this live wallpaper using the Android NDK which allows developers to implement parts of an application using native-code languages such as C and C++. The strokes are generated on the CPU as the user touches the screen, and the recorded patterns are them repeated to make the strokes crawl indefinitely.

The application can be set as the phone wallpaper and strokes are drawn as the user slides pages. Lots of rendering settings can be tweaked via the option menu (color, transparency, thickness...), and pre-recorded strokes are also added randomly if no interaction from the user is detected. Shake the phone to clear the screen.

Space Tiles

This is a game prototype I developed in Java using the Android SDK and OpenGL ES. I made a small framework while developing this game to develop future applications faster. The reasons is that although the game engine was quickly completed, the UI elements and other interface components were really time-consuming, and needed in pretty much any game.

The concept is simple, a ball is bouncing on a scrolling tiled platform and the goal is to stay on it as long as possible in order to accumulate as much point as possible. Some tiles trigger events which can help or handicap the user, and some fill up the player's timer to prevent it from running out. The tiles are procedurally generated while preventing a tile sequence to be infeasible.